Fantasy Make-Up Girls®

This is Make-Up Girls® model Maria. We decided to use dreamy colors and an ocean background to create a mermaid look for her. Check back to see what other fantasy ocean creatures we add to the backdrop! What will YOU create? Print the 18 model images for free and send your model’s looks by Messenger […]


Here’s Make-Up Girls® model Diana with platinum hair and a cool faux fur outfit. So easy to color! We used foundation make-up with a cotton ball to color her skin. Coloring pencils and chalk for her hair, eyes and lips. Check back to see how we designed her jewelry and make-up. She’s so beautiful already…we’ll […]


When you create looks for the Make-Up Girls® models, they are one-of-a-kind! No two looks will ever be the same! So it’s exciting to think that one million people can create one millions different looks for the same model! Each person will apply their own style to the Make-Up Girls® model using colors they like, […]