Coloring With Make-Up

You can use ANYTHING to color and create realistic looks for the 18 Make-Up Girls®. Crayons, coloring pencils, paint, markers, colored chalk and powder make-up! If you can get your hands on any old make-up (or buy some inexpensive stuff), you can use it to practice make-up art. Here, we used powdered chalk and foundation make-up with a cotton ball and cotton swab to color the skin, hair and also add a little blush to the cheeks. And of course eye shadow works great on paper too. You can use eye shadow colors for the lips too…we like blending different color powders to come up with a unique color. With Make-Up Girls®, you can experiment with make-up and fashion ideas. Anyone can be an artist! This is Make-Up Girls® model Jessey.

Download Jessey’s black and white image (or any of the other 18 models) for free! Just click here: FASHION COLORING PAGES