Fantasy Looks

Let’s face it! The Make-Up Girls® models are beautiful no matter what look or style you create for them. With fantasy looks though, they are absolutely breathtaking! Maria looks oh so magical as a mermaid and Diana is storybook fabulous as a flower fairy. Let your imagination guide you as you create one-of-a-kind looks for any or ALL of the 18 Make-Up Girls® models!

Coloring With Make-Up

You can use ANYTHING to color and create realistic looks for the 18 Make-Up Girls®. Crayons, coloring pencils, paint, markers, colored chalk and powder make-up! If you can get your hands on any old make-up (or buy some inexpensive stuff), you can use it to practice make-up art. Here, we used powdered chalk and foundation make-up with a cotton ball and cotton swab to color the skin, hair and also add a little blush to the cheeks. And of course eye shadow works great on paper too. You can use eye shadow colors for the lips too…we like blending different color powders to come up with a unique color. With Make-Up Girls®, you can experiment with make-up and fashion ideas. Anyone can be an artist! This is Make-Up Girls® model Jessey.

Download Jessey’s black and white image (or any of the other 18 models) for free! Just click here: FASHION COLORING PAGES

Coloring Realistic Eyes

Creating realistic looking eyes for the Make-Up Girls® models is a lot easier than you might think. Here, we decided on brown eyes for Make-Up Girls® model Patty. First, we selected coloring pencils in 3 different shades of brown. We also added a 4th metallic copper color. (Look closely in a mirror at your own eyes. You’ll notice that they’re a bunch of different colors, right?) You can see from the photos below that in a just a few easy steps, we created beautiful brown eyes for Patty! It’s easy! Anyone can do it! You can even create really cool contact lens colors!! Next, you can have lots of fun applying amazing eyeshadow! Or leave her eyes natural! Any way you look at it…you have just created beautiful, realistic art!

Fashionable Face Masks

Until COVID is history (cannot wait until it’s gone!), we think it’s important to wear masks in public places. The Make-Up Girls® models prefer glitter masks when they go out in the evening. We hope that you’re all keeping safe while still being fashionable!

Natural Beauty

Yes…we’re called Make-Up Girls®, but that doesn’t mean that you HAVE to apply make-up to all of the models. For example, we colored Make-Up Girls® model Diana without any make-up at all except for a tiny bit of natural lip color. And, we think you’ll agree that she’s absolutely beautiful! Make-Up Girls® actually means that each person who colors any of the models can make them look however they want! And remember, every single model will look different! No two models will EVER look the same!

Fantasy Make-Up Girls®

This is Make-Up Girls® model Maria. We decided to use dreamy colors and an ocean background to create a mermaid look for her. Check back to see what other fantasy ocean creatures we add to the backdrop! What will YOU create? Print the 18 model images for free and send your model’s looks by Messenger our Facebook page!

Click on for the link to print the black + white fashion coloring pages. Become a make-up artist and stylist for each of the 18 Make-Up Girls® models.


Here’s Make-Up Girls® model Diana with platinum hair and a cool faux fur outfit. So easy to color! We used foundation make-up with a cotton ball to color her skin. Coloring pencils and chalk for her hair, eyes and lips. Check back to see how we designed her jewelry and make-up. She’s so beautiful already…we’ll probably only put a teeny bit of make-up on her! Download Diana and the other Make-Up Girls® and create your own looks! Just click this link and then click on the word DOWNLOAD.


When you create looks for the Make-Up Girls® models, they are one-of-a-kind! No two looks will ever be the same! So it’s exciting to think that one million people can create one millions different looks for the same model! Each person will apply their own style to the Make-Up Girls® model using colors they like, with the art tools they have, the materials they love and the crafts they choose. It’s fun to compare your looks with others because the possibilities are endless. What will YOU create? Send your interpretations to and we’ll feature them. Include your first name, age and state/country so we can give you credit!

EYES + MAKE-UP for Make-Up Girls®

It’s fun to do eye make-up for the Make-Up Girls® models. First you have to color the eyes and the best way to draw realistic eyes is to look in the mirror and study your own eyes. Or look into a family member’s eyes. You’ll notice that there’s more than one color. Here’s a few examples of some cool eye make-up designs. There’s also a link to a video which will demonstrate how easy it is to color the models’ eyes.



BOA stands for Beauty Of Art and this is where you’ll find a treasure chest of art and fashion ideas to inspire you. We’ll show you easy ways to apply make-up to the models and quick ways to apply highlights in their hair. Clothes patterns for all of the models will be introduced soon and we’ll post videos showing how simple it is to design fashion looks! In months to come, there will be new hairstyles featured here (for some of the models which you’ll be able to download/print) and cool jewelry tips for million dollar looks. We’ll also feature some of YOUR ideas so others can be inspired.